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Power up your big data strategy

Operationalize analytics

Out-of-the-box smart manufacturing solutions tuned to your industry-specific challenges.

Leverage domain expertise

Extensive domain-specific applications, methodologies, algorithms and knowhow baked into the platform.

Accelerate innovation

Synergetic with your big data Analytics strategy – no matter where you are in your digitalization journey.

Gain more from your existing tools

Shorten time for ROI – bringing to your organization decade of accumulated knowledge from your industry peers -ensuring you start see impact rapidly.

Become data-savvy

A fast path to becoming a data-driven organization and maximizing the return on your investment in big data technologies.

We can help with every aspect of your big data strategy

Big data strategies start with a data lake strategy. No matter where you are on your Big Data journey, we can help.

Create a data lake from scratch or increase the value you are getting from your existing data lake. Supporting all major Big Data platforms in the cloud or on premise, our solutions can be deployed directly on top of your data lake infrastructure and work in synergy with existing tools for highest performance, longest data retention and lowest TCO.

The quality of analytics is entirely dependent on the quality, consistency and timeliness of the underlying data.

Get the tools and expertise you need to ensure that all your data is collected accurately and completely from source into your data lake, enabling you to focus on your business objectives and derive maximum value from analytics.

High-speed big data analytics requires an optimized data schema that can support complex, multi-dimensional queries at scale.

Model your data in our optimized data schema and benefit from extreme analytics performance on large data sets. Store any type of manufacturing and product data thanks to our fully extensible and customizable data model.

IT professionals want to build applications with their tools of choice, while leveraging the capabilities of all available data systems and analytics tools.

Within Optimal+ applications, create your own scripts and algorithms using Python, R or Spark and use them in analytics and rules thanks to our powerful analytics flow designer called Sequoia.

From other programming environments, connect to the Optimal+ database via ODBC or our web API and gain access to our extensive library of general and domain-specific analytics.

Organizations want to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary data duplication across closed data silos.

Connect Optimal+ analytics tools to any available data source. Link disparate data sources across the enterprise. Use our Portal application and web tools or your favorite Business Intelligence tools to visualize data and insights, no matter where the data resides.

Data scientists spend much of their time digging for data, organizing it and turning it into meaningful features. Even when a model has been built, trained and tested, it requires tremendous effort to deploy it into a production environment in a robust and controlled manner.

Use the comprehensive Optimal+ platform to handle the entire lifecycle of a machine-learning project, from data collection, through modeling and to deployment and monitoring. Data scientists can focus on creating valuable models and rely on the Optimal+ platform to handle all of the plumbing needed to operationalize their models.

To be of value, analytics need to be actionable. Users need systems that help them identify issues and focus on the ones that matter most.

Optimal+ provides a rich client application, Portal+ and a user-friendly web application with pre-built and customizable dashboards. These applications can display KPIs, provide insights into production issues and enable easy drilldown to help identify the causes of issues quickly and accurately. Users can also choose to view data and insights with their favorite business intelligence tools.

A 24×7 rule engine can automate analytics and drive actions on the manufacturing floor with or without human intervention.

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Automotive +

Automotive – Make reliable products efficiently

Use advanced, actionable analytics to maximize your manufacturing efficiency, accelerate new product ramp and at the same time, make your product more reliable than ever

Semiconductor +

Semiconductors – The industry standard for analytics

Harness the industry’s leading big data analytics platform and over a decade of domain expertise to take your manufacturing efficiency, quality and reliability to the next level

Electronics +

Electronics – Lower your manufacturing costs

Use advanced, actionable analytics to maximize your manufacturing efficiency, accelerate new product ramp and gain visibility into your supply chain

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