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30,000 Parts
Zero Blindspots

We believe paving the road to innovation starts with eliminating the roadblocks. We believe in no limits. No delays. No setbacks. We remove the bumps in the road by identifying what they are and when they’ll happen, before they happen. We shine a light in the places you cannot see. Our mission is to protect and enhance your brand in every way. We are NI and we drive manufacturing with zero blind spots.

How Data Analytics is Paving the Way to Zero Bilndspots for the Automotive Industry

This is where NI’s end-to-end lifecycle analytics solution transforms the traditional manufacturing process.

The 7 Megatrends Shaping Manufacturing in 2021

Stay ahead of the curve and lay the groundwork for a smarter and more resilient factory floor by implementing these seven megatrends already shaping manufacturing in 2021.

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